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In Northern New England there are several of the 45 species of bats found in the United States. The two most common are the Little Brown and Big Brown Bat with the former being the one we deal with most of the time. This Little Brown Bat plays a key role in our ecosystem. One Little Brown Bat can consume over 1200 bugs in an hour and a nursing mother eats more than her weight nightly or up to 4500 insects such as the pesky mosquitoes. Big Brown Bats are a great asset to farmers in that they eat crop-destroying beetles to save close to a billion dollars nation wide each year. Silver Haired Bats are solitary, generally do not invade houses and keep countless forest insects in check.

We have all heard the rumors about rabies and bats getting caught in your hair. These are simply not true and furthermore these clever mammals are not fling mice or even rodents. They generally multiply slowly and usually have only one pup per year and have a life span that can exceed thirty years. While all mammals can contract rabies less than one-half of one per cent of all bats have been known to. The key is to not corner or aggravate a bat so as to drive it to bite in self-defense. You should never handle a bat but if forced to for some reason thick protective gloves should be worn. A bat on the ground or floor is all but helpless since it is almost impossible for it to take off. A bat needs to swoop down to begin flight and therefore would have to climb up on something to accomplish this. If it is completely necessary for you to handle or move a grounded bat please place it on a cardboard or newspaper to take it outside or place it on something so it can swoop. The only objective for this mammal at that time is to get flying and get away from you. Do Not Handle with Bare Hands!

The reason that you have contacted us is probably to see if there is anything we can do to help you. We have had 100% success in removing bats from structures large and small and yours should be no exception. Our exclusion techniques are sound and carry a complete warranty. We will identify all current and future potential entry points, seal them and provide the bats with a one-way exit device to let them out but not back in. This very labor-intensive approach requires us to spot and seal all holes the size of and length of your little finger. At all times it is the objective of our exclusion team specialists to retain the aesthetic integrity of your structure and once we have completed our work you should not notice that we have even been there.

Once we have eliminated the bats in your building as described there may be a need for substantial cleanup. We are well equipped to handle this for you and we strongly suggest that you leave this portion to us also. The danger from aged bat guano due to ectoparasites and airborne viral particles is very real. Do not take the chance!

Call us at 1-800-966-5568 or click on the contact us link and send us your information. Our animal exclusion supervisor will call you at your convenience to provide additional information and schedule an inspection to help you.

Presidential Pest Control is a proud member of Bat Conservation International, Inc. Presidential Pest Control is recognized and listed by BatCon as a Professional Bat Exclusion Company.