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Typically in northern New England there are three major kinds of squirrels and all can potentially set up residence in your home. We will not bore you with details of each specie other than to mention that the three are the Eastern Grey, The Red and the Flying Squirrel. The obvious reason for this is that numerous descriptions and pictures exist throughout the internet and you came to us for a cure for your problem. While the first two are not similar in size they do have one thing in common in that they feed during the day while Flying Squirrels are nocturnal and often drive people nuts with their scampering during the night. Our exclusion team specialists can further educate you if you desire.

Contrary to other companies statements there are numerous legal ways to rid your house of squirrels. We take the appropriate approach that will fit your specific invasion. The ultimate goal is to get them out and keep them out of your structure. We are proud of the fact that we are the original exclusion experts in Northern New England serving Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont having multiple teams available with structural expertise to solve your specific problem. We also have licensed pest management professionals on each team that can legally bait for mice at no additional cost while handling your squirrel problem. These licensed and fully insured professionals can also treat to eliminate odors, droppings and ectoparasites that frequently are found in your attic after squirrel invasions. No other company can match this asset.

You are to be commended for acting to rid your structure of squirrels. As rodents they are constantly chewing to keep their teeth short and they do not hesitate to chew wires in your attic, ceiling or walls. The fire danger is very real. Additionally, the accumulation of droppings and urine will eventually show through a ceiling or wall and present a health hazard. Call us today and ask for an exclusion team supervisor at 1-800-966-5568 or fill in and send your request for inspection and a supervisor will call you at your convenience.